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It’s Great to Boast About God!

You just never know….so as I was working today, I reached out to two missionary friends serving in the middle east, one serving in Jordan and the other in Turkey.  I asked them how their support was and the one shared that they were good at 93%, and the other shared that he was good, but could I share our giving link with him so he can give.  Hahaha..the best part of this story is that this young man was our candidate counselor with our organization before we left for China!  It’s absolutely amazing to Glenn and I, how our perfect God works in other’s hearts to give to His work!  It’s one of the things I love so much about working for God, watching the way that He provides through His people for His work. It’s God asking His children to support His work, yep…it’s ALL about Him!


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Settling Back in the North

Getting settled in PA!  This will be our third move in four years and it has its challenges, to be sure. But, looking back, Glenn and I agree that the best part of living in these two prior places, China and Cary, NC, has been seeing the abundant faithfulness of God!  He has provided ways for us to bear fruit for Him, gave us great friends, a very healthy church body, volunteers in ministry, and amazing ministry opportunities, far and above what we could have imagined!  We are excited to see where He will lead us as we spend time at Kent University, with the COM team and at the end of this month at Carnegie Mellon.  God has the plan for us and we will simply walk into it.  “You keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You.”  Isaiah 26:3.  This is our desire.

Thank you for praying for us 🙂

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Last Week in NC

We are in our last week of North Carolina being our home, and today, like each Tuesday afternoon, we met with our team of other full time missionaries with other organizations at NC State. We are so thankful to have been warmly welcomed by this great bunch of friends. They’ve helped us so much and we thank God for His plan in bringing us together in ministry. Their sweet gift to each of us was the cute mug below to remember them and our time serving along side them in NC. As you can imagine, we’ll miss them very much and today we said our goodbyes.

The rest of the week is filled with lunch and dinner invites, Bible study and a final small event of an end of the summer picnic to connect some of our volunteers with Chinese friends before we leave. Of course, we are still packing and all that goes along with moving. It’s been good here and our hearts are full as we’ve seen God’s faithfulness over and over in our personal lives and in ministry.  It’s such a joy to be a part of something so much bigger than us!

Please pray for us as we make another transition believing God for His perfect faithfulness in the next chapter of ministry in the north at a university.  This is one of our favorites: “You keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

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Final Days in NC

Our friend, Qi Qi, who we met our first year in Beijing, was a Master’s student on the same campus where we were living and teaching.  She had become a follower of Jesus right after we arrived, through the teaching at her church, and joined a group of students in our apartment to study the Bible each week.  She  has been living with an American family in Connecticut and learning English at a local college, and will return to China in January.  Together we decided that since she had a vacation in August, it would be wonderful to have her come stay with us. It’s been our joy to take her to our church fellowship, to see some of the sights around this area, to introduce her to other Chinese friends here, to cook together, study the Bible together, and to play games!  We even took her to Cabela’s to see all of the “stuffed” animals.  We have had some great conversations about God working in our lives, and we praise Him for how He brings together brothers and sisters for His perfect purposes! His people, His timing, His plans!

So after we say goodbye to Qi Qi on Sunday morning, and go to an annual welcome picnic for international students at NC State, Glenn and I will begin to pack!  We will visit with those that we have built good relationships with to say goodbye, and  to leave Cary on September 5th.  We’ll be putting our things in storage the next day, seeing my parents, take a few days to rest and regroup in PA and then begin to spend time with the COM teams at Carnegie Mellon and Kent University.  We’ve been praying and asking God for direction, and we are confident He will be clear where He wants us to live and thrive in reaching out to Chinese students.  

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July Jaunts

July has been engaging with Chinese friends, despite the intense heat!  We celebrated our country’s birthday together at an Independence Day celebration here in Cary, we’ve shared game nights, dinners, and  traveled with some to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We had the opportunity to take two families to stay with a sweet family in Sparta. This couple’s church partners with us in ministry and the young man is the pastor of the church.  On the Saturday evening we were there, after fishing, climbing and playing in a cool stream, the couple invited their church fellowship over for a cookout!  This gave these partners the chance to get to know some Chinese visiting scholars that are in Raleigh for a year.  It was a great time of fellowship over tasty southern picnic food and fun playing for the kids!  I guess it was playing…kids are creative and imaginative, right?  Well, the most popular form of fun for them on the mountain was chasing chickens.  Chasing them around with the goal of catching them! Poor birds! Just try to imagine the relief for those poor animals when the kids went to bed!

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Current Communique


1):  The young Chinese couple that God drew to Himself, while here in Raleigh for a year, got baptized together last month!  They have had many brothers and sisters pour into them while they’ve lived here, so they’ll be returning to China excited to share the Good News with others!  It has been beautiful to witness God move mightily in their lives.

2):  We prayed for God’s focus for us on specific Chinese friends, and He’s put before us two specific couples that we will be building relationships with this summer.  They are two young families, each with an elementary school daughter.  Please pray for us as we get to know them and eventually share Truth.

3):  We are getting quotes for a moving truck for our move back up north, and our plan is to leave here the week of Labor day.  We will put our things in storage and stay with friends in Beaver County, as we want to spend sufficient time on both the Kent State campus and the Carnegie Mellon/Pitt campuses.  We are confident He will be clear for His plan for us.  Psalm 32:8, God makes this promise to His children: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which  you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”

4): COM recently offered me (Erin) a small position as Facebook communicator for China Outreach.  After asking and waiting on God, I took the position.  It’s minimal work and I enjoy posting interesting things about China, so it should be good.